JumpSquares version: 1.3.1

JumpSquares was created because I had a problem. Whenever I logged into a remote locaton, a lab, and even my own environment, I couldn't figure out where anything was. I was constantly sending off emails to see where certain applications were installed, or I was launching the vSphere Client to figure out IP addresses or DNS names of the servers where those applications were hosted.

So I got the idea to create a landing page. JumpSquares is really a hybrid of a wiki and pinterest. JumpSquares allows any user, developer, engineer, or administrator to access the page to figure out where everything is located. If someone installs a new application, they can create a new JumpSquare so they can let everyone know where the application was installed.

We've all been there before when you have zombie applications sprawling out all over the place. JumpSquares makes everyone standardize on a single location as a "master copy" where they can access all web-based applications (and even do some SSH!).